Weed Control App – Getting Citizens Involved

There are many apps out there that identify birds, flowers, animals, etc.  Most of these apps are for enthusiasts and having fun.  However, the city of Edmonton has built on this concept and developed a new app that identifies noxious weeds to help them combat an environmental issue they are facing.  In Edmonton, there are 75 weeds regulated under their Weed Control Act.  Now residents can ID these weeds, file a weed complaint, and get a response before the weeds spread.  This app is an interesting new way of educating and getting citizens involved with protecting the environment.

Below are two links with more info:




2 thoughts on “Weed Control App – Getting Citizens Involved

  1. tnicoletsog

    Interesting that they appear to have an infrastructure focused on weed management. I wonder how they promoted the app and if they have people downloading and then actually using it.


  2. mosterhoudt Post author

    I am interesting to know if folks are downloading it as well. It seems interesting to me given my environmental background, but I wonder if it was designed more based on trying to be innovative vs. actual demand.



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