311 Gets a Facelift in NYC

New York City Government is breathing new life into an old technology to make it more accessible to today’s information consumers across the city. Dialing 311 has provided the citizens of New York City with access to important information such as what police precinct an address is in, or what day trash pick-up is as well as the ability to make complaints such as reporting potholes, noise, graffiti and more for years. The idea is that citizens don’t need to know the specific department they’re trying to contact; they just dial 311 and get routed to the correct department to report their issue. The City’s Information Technology Office has released a new 311 app called “NYC 311” that allows users to access the services available through 311 in a beautiful, user-friendly interface. Through the app, users can still enjoy all the traditional benefits of 311 through the convenience of their mobile device. In an October 3, 2014 article published by Michael del Castillo (a link to the full version of the article is available below) Chief Digital Officer and Undersecretary for Technology Rachel Haot explains that the goal isn’t to force citizens to adopt new technology, but rather to grow with technology trends. Haot says that they seek to “invest in communities that already exist and make it seamless” in the online community. First released in 2012, NYC 311 is currently on version 3.6 with the latest updates including new fire hydrant complaint forms, an updated facility finder in the Parks and Recreation section, and much more.

For more information please see:


“After 15 Years, New York State is Quietly Preparing a New Website” by Michael del Castillo http://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/news/2014/10/03/after-15-years-new-york-state-is-secretly.html (accessed 10/27/2014)


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