Citizinvestor- Crowd Funding for Local Government Projects

Citizinvestor is a crowd funding and civic engagement platform specifically designed for local governments. Local government officials post projects that have the council’s support, but lack the financial backing, in an attempt to gain financial support from the community. This is where the community comes in as it has the opportunity to show its support by making 100% tax deductible donations to improve the community by investing in the project. This type of community engagement would be a vary strong form of feedback as these people are actually not just saying they want something, but are speaking with their money to make it happen. This platform is a promising technology solution for local governments, but I have my concerns. The platform is less than two years old, but has seen success and has over 170 government partners. However, I see potential political backfire if this is used to fund large projects instead of the intended use for smaller local community projects. The citizens could also want to know why their taxes are not being used to cover these projects and why the government is asking individuals to bear the burden of the cost of projects that will benefit the community.

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