e2Campus Outreach Platform

The e2Campus platform is an innovative way for school administrators to reach students, parents, facility, and news outlets with time sensitive emergency information. Conceived in 2003, and backed by the events that unfolded at Virginia Tech in 2007, e2Campus brings public and private educational institutions into compliance with the CLEARY Act. The CLEARY Act states that in the wake of an emergency, educational institutions must notify students within a reasonable amount of time following an emergency or incident. VT was found non-compliant following the mass murder in 2007.

e2Campus is a multi-modal shotgun approach to disseminating information across various platforms. Administrators can send information as mundane as a water main break or weather, or as serious as an active shooter situation on campus. An authorized administrator by phone, internet, or cellphone send messages that will popup on computer screens, through SMS text messages, email, beepers, blue lights, or electronic road signs.

A current upgrade includes the ability for a user to text the program to provide minute to minute updates about an evolving situation that will allow the administrator to provide information to the police.

Currently, over 800 public and private universities and local school districts use e2Campus including the University of Arizona, VCU, Penn State, and Cal Poly.

More information can be found at http://www.e2campus.com/.



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