Geofeedia: Real-Time, On-Location Social Media Interaction

Geofeedia offers location-based social media monitoring with a wide range of applications, particularly in crisis and disaster situations and large public demonstrations and events. Geofeedia’s software allows users to specify a geographic region, state, zip code, country, or area of interest. Then, they are able to pull location data from users on social media to show real-time what issues are being tweeted, shared on Facebook, shown on Instagram, and more. This is a unique software in that it requires no separate software or application – it pulls publicly shared geotagged social media posts from a variety of networks that people are already using.

The product also offers analysis, instant updates, a “feed” similar to Pinterest showing posts, analysis, and archiving and security for the geographic data. You can even set a location and then search by topic!

Some of the most relevant public service applications for this technology are in public safety. Ways Geofeedia has been used include crisis management (active shooter scenarios, where emergency managers can visually track social media posts to see the location of hostages and/or perpetrators); disaster management (location of fallen trees, flooding, or people in need of assistance); and crowd management (one popular Geofeedia project was showing, in real-time, the social media posts of demonstrators during 2014-2015 revolts in the Middle East).

In addition to uses in the public sector, the technology has been used for projects as diverse as ensuring corporate security of intellectual property and selling products to people in the Mall of America. Each week, a “Weekly Content Roundup” demonstrates some of their public uses – this week, the feed focused on events as diverse as the Tour de France, the Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day, severe flooding in Kentucky, the NAACP Convention, and Cincinnati’s MLB All-Star Game.

Star Weekend. POTUS_at_NAACP_2015


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