Have you ever watched an emergency vehicle pass by your house and wondered, “What is going on?!?” The City of Oakland decided to incorporate the natural curiosity of its residents into a community engagement effort by allowing people to see in real-time, what type of calls police officers are responding to in the City.

The Oakland Police Department Calls for Service Web app allows users to see all police call data that passes through the 911-dispatch center on a city map (incorporating 911-dispatched calls and GIS mapping). Once a call is deemed completed/closed by an officer, it instantly uploads to the system and posts to the map. With the renewed focus on police transparency, this application allows residents to see where, when, and what types of crimes or being committed and even what type of traffic citations are being issued. Users can also sort the data by: event number, location, description, call date/time, police beat, and council district. If the app is successful, it will eventually be expanded to include fire and EMS services.


The following incident types are not listed due to confidentiality, to preserve the integrity of ongoing investigations and to protect victims as required by law:

  • Rape
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Abuse / Corporal Injury on a child
  • Child Molestation
  • Criminal / Terrorist Threats
  • Alleged Mentally ill Subjects
  • Annoying / Molesting a Child
  • Violent Mentally ill Subjects
  • Suspected Adult Abuse
  • Suspected Child Abuse
  • Search Warrant Service
  • Hate Crime Reports

Check out the app: OPC Calls for Service

Oakland, Calif., Uses Real-Time Crime Map to Try to Drive Community Engagement


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