Takin’ it to the Streets

Have you ever taken a walk through your community and fallen into a pit? Maybe that pit should be a park instead…


I know I have run across spaces that seem to be underused and the thought that runs through my head is, “They should do something about this.” You know who they are, right? The powers that be, the people in charge. The people in charge at Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) have given some of that power back to the citizens with their program called People St.

People St is a program that works to transform underused areas of L.A.’s streets into public spaces through community partnerships. The program brings the community and the City of Los Angeles together in determining which areas to target and the type of project to engage in.

There are three types of projects available: plazas, parklets, and bicycle corrals. Plazas create an accessible public open space by closing a portion of street to vehicular traffic. Parklets are an expansion of the sidewalk into the on-street parking to create places featuring seating, etc. Bicycle corrals occupy a single on-street parking space and accommodate up to 16 bicycles.

According to a recent article, LADOT is hoping “community leaders and the public will use the People St web app to identify places in their neighborhoods that might benefit from a parklet or plaza installation, and then apply to the program. The goal is to spark community interest in partnering with the City to improve residents’ mobility network for all travel modes.”


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