Raleigh NC Citizen Service Request

“See, Click, Fix”

Much like the program in Ontario, The City of Raleigh NC has created a website that allows citizens to report some of the common problems they encounter.  The service in Raleigh has some of the same features discussed in the Ontario post.

The Raleigh service is relatively easy to use.  A map of the city appears on the main page.  Users are allowed to drag and drop a pin at the site of the problem on the map.  The address auto-populates, saving the user from reporting by exact location.  Users can also access a dropdown menu of common problems, or select other to report something that is not on the list.  Using the system, “Residents may also select an issue to indicate their agreement with the request, make additional comments, follow the issue, or share their concern with fellow residents.”

Additional features allow citizens to submit a photo with their requests, and view a list of issues already reported.  The site can be found at:  http://www.raleighnc.gov/ext/SeeClickFix


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