Eventbrite.com is an online event management tool. The stated mission of Eventbrite is “to bring the world together through live experiences.” This tool allows organizations to
  • create and customize and event page
  • let attendees sign up and pay online
  • allow organizations and attendees to share the event on social platforms
  • track as attendees visit, sign-up, and pay
  • manage all these moving pieces
  • PLUS 24 hour customer support
Eventbrite is FREE for free events which is very appealing to non-profit and government organizations. There is a small fee charged when payments are collected, but this price can be worked into the fee as its collected from the attendees.
Salem Chapel – an 1,000 person non-denominational church – used Eventbrite to advertise and organize a week-long Community Service Project. The church worked with 8 community organizations such as Second Harvest Food Bank, the local school system, Pregnancy Support Center, Rescue Mission (supporting the homeless), Crisis Control (paying bills for those in times of crisis), and the Shepherds Center (supporting the elderly) to run a variety of projects at different times and on different days. Salem Chapel needed to organize over 1,000 volunteers as they signed-up to serve and then distribute appropriate information. Information for each volunteer was different depending on where they chose to serve, how often they chose to serve, and their age.
Eventbrite allowed us, the event organizers, to create an online platform that facilitated:
  • the church to advertise
  • the volunteers to see information about all opportunities
  • the volunteers to sign-up in as many ways as possible (while keeping volunteers under 18 to only projects for them)
  • the church to organize those volunteers
  • the church to communicate appropriately with each category of volunteer
  • the volunteers to donate as needed
The event “Crash the Dash” was a huge undertaking for a small church staff, but we knew that if we could keep the processes streamlined and organized; the volunteers and organizations could have a positive experience.
Eventbrite is innovative because it made running a complex event, involving many different moving pieces, efficient. The site can be set up in minutes and can be run through an organization’s already existing website. Additionally, to appeal more to non-profits, there is a 501(c)3 discount. Eventbrite provides easy to use resources to understaffed, underpaid organizations and makes them look good.

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