Modria Resolution Center

My technology and community engagement example is a product that we have begun to use this year in the Durham County Tax Office. The platform allows residents to appeal the real property value online and communicate directly with real property appraisers about their particular appeal. Previously, residents had to come to our office, fill out a paper form and provide copies of any supporting documentation for their appeal. They would then have to wait up to several months for their appeal to be assessed and then receive a letter in the mail letting them know if their value had been reduced or not. If they did not agree with the outcome, they would have to file another written appeal to the county board of equalization and review. In the meantime we would get many calls to our call center with questions about how the process worked, what stage of the process their appeal was at, and if the documentation they submitted was appropriate for their appeal. This made the process take quite a while and caused taxpayers to have to go through many channels to get information. Modria provides a platform to do all of this online in one place. They can submit their appeal directly online. The system also allows them to submit their supporting documentation as well. they also have access to comparable property values that can help them determine if they should appeal in the first place. It also provides a direct contact via email between the taxpayer and the appraiser working on the appeal. That way if additional documentation is needed, or if either party has a question during the process, they have direct contact with one another. Our first year using this platform has been a major success so far. Link below-you do have to register to enter the platform.



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