Using Social Media for the Greater Good

Tweetsgiving (later called Epic Thanks) is a campaign by Epic Change, a nonprofit that invests in projects throughout the world that are designed to create a positive change in the local community, to use Twitter for the greater good. During Tweetsgiving/Epic Thanks, people are encouraged to tweet the things they are thankful for and then donate to Epic Change in honor of their gratitude. Beyond just asking people for money, Epic Change first asked people to engage with them and with each other. In their first year (2008), Epic Change raised over $11,000, which was used to build a classroom at Shepards Junior School in Arusha, Tanzania. To further emphasize the engagement aspect of this campaign, Epic Change painted the Twitter handles of everyone who donated through this campaign on the walls of the classroom. A year later in 2009 when Epic Change helped bring internet access to Shepards Junior, they started Twitterkids of Tanzania, which encourages the students and donors to Epic Change to engage with each other using Twitter. Since Epic Thanks/Tweetsgiving started, Epic Change has raised over $100,000. By using a common and popular platform like Twitter, Epic Change was able to define their community broadly, to include Twitter users all over the country and world, thus maximizing their impact.


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