Need Feedback? Create a Room!

In today’s world, organizations can never receive enough feedback to improve their learning process. One design thinking approach that has sparked creativity in the public sector has been brainstorming. Brainstorming allows group(s) of individuals to come up with as many unorthodox ideas in a short period of time. However, some public organizations lack the technologies to properly incorporate this type of feedback into their meetings. One simple solution is TodaysMeet allows any user to create a public room that where users can collaborate instantly using a simple chat box that is limited to 140-characters. Users simply choose a name for their room, a nickname to attach to their posts, and they can begin posting. There is even an enhanced version that users can subscribe to ($5 monthly fee). The upgraded version allows hosts to save chats, mute unruly users, and delete inappropriate comments. While this technology was initially made for educational purposes, many local governments have started taking a more facilitative approach to governance. Using in the greater public arena can help local leaders move towards this new type of governannce by creating an easy, free public forum that anyone can join in on through their mobile device. More importantly, users can chose to be anonymous and not worry about being judged based on their given feedback. In all, TodaysMeet is a simple tool that can enhance any meeting through feedback, questions, or direct answers.


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