License Plate Recognition

The City of Twin Falls, ID is a small urban community with a population of approximately 46,000 people (United States Census Bureau 2015). However, as the primary economic hub of the region, and the county seat, the daily population swells to approximately 75,000 (City of Twin Falls 2016). With this daily swell comes standard traffic issues seen throughout larger metropolitan areas: congestion, parking violations, and parking code enforcement concerns.

Twin Falls set out to not only improve productivity, but to build and nurture the city’s relationship with its citizens as well (Gtechna 2015). Twin Falls looked to modernize its code enforcement practices in order to decrease time spent on paperwork and increase time available for officers to focus on their jobs and on increased public interaction. In FY2015, the city decided to implement software provided by Gtechna, a mobile application company that specializes in parking, law, and code enforcement applications (Gtechna 2016).

Twin Falls is now saving time in the field and office by eliminating code enforcement officers entering data in spreadsheets, preparing mailing letters/invoices, etc.  This gives officers more time to be in the field engaging the citizens of the community (Whitney, Technical Training Coordinator of IT Services 2016).


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