3 Ways Digital Forms Will Save You Time

The days of online, fillable PDFs are long gone. And so is the confusion about how to save that file once you have filled it out. In the public sector there are countless examples of paper forms that still exist, including job applications, customer surveys, conference and event registrations, insurance and retirement forms, business licensing, certifications, evaluations, donation forms, and contact forms, just to name a few. How many hours does an organization lose trying to transfer the data from these forms?

Formstack is an online form builder that can help save your organization time.

  1. Save time entering data. The biggest benefit to this service is that there is no need for data entry, as Formstack collates the responses from the form into a CSV or Excel file that is readily available.
  2. Save time designing your form. The technology itself is designed so that anyone can build a form and send it out to engage an audience. You do not need to be able to write code to develop a form; the form builder consists of a drag-and-drop model that allows you to customize the data that you need in an easy to use format. The form is responsive, and can be used on all devices including tablets, smartphones, and computers.
  3. Save time using the form. There is no sign-up required for those that receive a link to a Formstack form, and the software allows your agency to customize the subdomains or embed a link into your agency website for quick access.

For federal agencies that must be Section 508 compliant, Formstack forms can be read and completed by persons with disabilities.




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