ArcGIS for Local Government- a Site Selector App

A community profile has a decisive role in economic development planning. One would need an interaction with various government agencies to obtain numerous statistical data, reports, and information necessary for making business decisions. ArcGIS has developed a number of applications to help local governments market their communities to potential citizens and businesses, engage the community in their growth management plans, promote business diversity, attract talented citizens, and encourage quality places and environments.

One of these applications is a Site Selector, a location technology which helps business owners and corporations locate available buildings and sites, combine their property search with key community and business demographic information to facilitate better business decisions. In this manner, business investments made in the community can be more sustainable and aligned with corporate vision.

The Site Selector application leverages new technology to provide users with a one-stop-shopping experience when researching a property. ”While the application functions much like popular websites such as Zillow, Loopnet, and others, Site Selector provides more advanced and comprehensive data on business properties. This data includes, but is not limited to property reports, real estate detail, tax maps, demographic and income reports, business summary reports, site maps, geographical intelligence, neighborhood information, utilities, magisterial districts, zoning, transportation data and much, much more,” explains Jill Loope, director of economic development of the County of Roanoke, Virginia which has recently implemented the app.

A number of local governments have introduced the application. One of the most appealing is of Montana which is available at Montana Governor’s office of Economic Development web-site:

The Site Selector application directly benefits community developers, planning analysts, real estate agents, home buyers, and property valuation administrators. It’s innovative character lies in various features. One of them is the integration of data and information within and among governments and agencies. Another is its ability to allow end-users to self-serve through site selection providing for accurate and up-to-date real estate information by replacing time-consuming manual processes.


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