Flowplayer – Giving Your Team Broadcasting Freedom


Google rates Flowplayer the number 1 video media player!

I learned about Flowplayer by visiting the City of Lawrence, Kansas’s website. The city uses the technology to share their City Commission study sessions with residents. The city posts a video each week for local citizens to view at their leisure to learn about topics ranging from budgets for road systems to mental health measures. You can easily access the footage as a citizen at https://www.lawrenceks.org/commission_study_sessions?v=09-01-15 . The material is very organized on their website – and that begins with the consistency and convenience of Flowplayer.

Many organizations use YouTube, but YouTube is a video player that has third party suggestions when your stream is complete. These third party suggestions will take your viewer to another video or website and prevent them from continuing to engage with the topic they initially sought. Thus YouTube is not actually the best video media player for engaging with an audience. YouTube will begin playing your video with whatever image quality your server can support, preventing the viewer from having a high quality exposure to whatever message your organization intends to communicate.

With Flowplayer, every part of the player can be customized with CSS and JavaScript. The uploader can determine what goes on the video player and how the video will end. Flowplayer does not have their brand on the video player, which can distract the audience from engaging with the presentation.

Have you ever started uploading a video to YouTube and it took hours? Flowplayer understands we usually commute and are on the move with our active lifestyles. When you upload a video to Flowplayer, you can change locations, leave a WiFi network and join a new network; the upload will resume where it left off.

There are six cost options ranging from free (comes with Flowplayer logo and branding) to €955, which equates to $1,051 (use your own branding for unlimited domains).

Everyone needs great video on their websites. If we desire to engage with our bloggers, customers, or local residents, Flowplayer is perfect. The software is easy-to-use and can be customized by anyone.

Check out Flowplayer !


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