Aurasma is a free augmented reality app that any person, organization, or business can use to connect with people; the app can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet. In order to create the content you want to deliver you have to sign-up through the Aurasma website then you can begin creating your first aura. This app can be used to more effectively communicate with people interested in your cause, or want to become more engaged in their community.


Step 1: Take a photo of whatever you want your trigger image to be, if you want to create content to let people know about a volunteer opportunity for example, you may take a photo of a volunteer to use for this image. Then upload this image to the website.


Step 2: You will now add an overlay to this trigger image. Following the example above you may want to take a vide of the volunteer talking about why they volunteer.


Step 3: You are ready to finalize your aura by naming it or making any edits and then saving it.


What this app essentially does is it makes your photos, and your message, come to life (think Harry Potter moving images!) This technology can be used to effectively communicate a message, or a call to action, or information to citizens in an effective and fun manner. This is something that could be very effectively used during those “must-do” moments. If you have photos that are linked with Aurasma at the DMV for example, people could have the opportunity to receive information while the wait in line. Information that might move them to engage


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