Community-power Emergency Preparedness and Response

What would you do if an EF3 tornado hit your community? Well, sisters Caitria and Morgan O’Neill had a wonderful response that supports community engagement for emergency preparedness and response. In 2011, when a rare tornado ripped through their hometown of Munson, Massachusetts, Caitria and Morgan established a command center to help direct needed resources to residents in need. They weren’t emergency response experts, at least not yet. They stepped-up and started organizing a response to the disaster and soon leveraged technology to help local residents in other communities step-up to mobilize their community-power for emergency response and preparedness. They built is a free disaster preparedness and recovery tool that helps communities organize for recovery efforts and mobilize needed resources quickly. The tool is targeted to governments, nonprofit organizations, and individual community residents. The goal is to get resources to the right place at the right time efficiently and effectively following a disaster. The site offers communities everything it needs to help collect donations and manage recovery volunteers. One hundred-seventy-nine communities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico currently use Recovers. is supported by the MIT Public Service Center, The Knight Foundation, MassChallenge, Code for America, and Esri. To hear more about how Caitria and Morgan O’Neill started watch their TedTalk  video.


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