Communer is an online platform that enhances community engagement by tailoring modules to provide only the most relevant information to community members.  The app was created by Avi Oren, Eli Magzimof, and Nissim Avitan.  Initially, the app was targeted at unifying Jewish communities across the world, but its usefulness could be applied to groups of multiple communities, such as schools, churches, and clubs.

The platform provides personalized announcements from the community, mobile notifications, and use-friendly categorization features.  Community live events are synced to make sure that users are reminded of important schedules and are notified of last minute changes.  Through photo albums and communal information, users learn about events and engage in activities happening from all over the world.  Security alerts are updated and synced with local security organizations.  The platform integrates social media and the community website, including blog posts and newsletters, while allowing for questions and answers to be posted either privately or publicly.

Charity work or community involvement should be made easy.  The appeal of the Communer platform to an individual is that it allows an outsider to be able to participate in areas of interest without going through the hassle of numerous searches.  With current technology trending more towards mobile use, nonprofit organizations are pressured to find ways to interact with existing members and attract new members; however, creating a designated app takes away significant resources from the nonprofit.  Communer allows for easier community management while keeping costs at a minimum.  For larger umbrella organizations, the app allows for local branches to customize their own app while having the data capabilities of the national or international headquarters.

The Communer app is currently being beta tested in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

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