The current generation is a generation known by their addiction to the latest iphone. Now, the political culture has caught up with the app Countable.

The helpful application for your cellphone does the following:

  1. Tells you who your senators and representatives are (the first step for community engagement on the bigger stage).
  2. Allows you to leave those senators and representatives messages AT THE CLICK of a button.
  3. Informs users about newly introduced bills in an easy to understand language (because because informed is vital for positive community engagement)
  4. This application lets you send approval and disapproval to your legislator on bills with the CLICK OF A BUTTON.


Not only has this application allowed for easier information access, it allows you to easily and simply contact your representatives and senators. It is as simple as reading a buzz feed article and answering a poll question to be engaged with your community on the bigger stage.

This is incredibly important with two years between midterm elections and the change of power that will result in legislation that will harm and help many people.

Now people can know who is representing them and allow them to actually represent them by letting their voice be heard!  Democracy can become a little easier with just a download, reading easy to understand articles, and clicking buttons to vote.

The current generation, young or old, uses applications on their phone ranging from games to buzzfeed to facebook. This application is just as simple to understand as facebook and buzzfeed and has a greater impact. It allows each person to be engaged in their community in ways that many people are too lazy to do so. It is often not common knowledge to everyone who their representatives and senators and to those that know, very few have every contacted their representative. Many find making calls, writing letters or sending  emails to be too troublesome and not worth the effort. This is much simpler.


Yet the transparency of this “app” has yet to be revealed. It may not  gain the public trust as it is relatively new.




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