Shared Information Facilitates Smarter Navigation

Waze is a real-time, community-based traffic and navigation app. Rather than simply displaying directions to a certain location, the app includes up-to-date road and traffic conditions so that users can adjust their driving patterns appropriately. In effect, the community works together to outsmart traffic and reduce commuting times.

The City of Asheville has recognized the potential this app provides and has jumped on the opportunity to better inform drivers of any government activity that may affect traffic patterns, such as lane closures and utility work. The City sought to make information more accessible to its citizens. After all, traffic and road updates posted on the City website may not be very useful to people in the middle of a commute. Instead, City staff wanted to tap into technology that citizens were already using, hence the partnership with Waze.

Drivers are not the only people who benefit from this technology. In fact, the City of Asheville can now receive real-time information about street conditions as a result of driver updates. It can then use this data in planning and street maintenance decisions.

More information can be found on the WCQS website.

Safe driving!


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