SurveyMonkey – Surveys in Clark County, Washington

Jurisdiction: Clark County, Washington

People Directly Impacted: 1,550 employees

People Indirectly Impacted: 443,817 citizens

Technology: SurveyMonkey: SurveyMonkey is an only survey tool. At $300 per year for membership, it is an extremely economical way to reach citizens. There are more powerful branches of SurveyMonkey, such as SurveyMonkey CX and SurveyMonkey Enterprise, but these tools are more powerful than necessary and require increased fees. It offers branding, so the survey will look legitimate to citizens, and it allows for unlimited responses to each survey. Respondents may choose to remain anonymous if the survey is built without requiring identifying information. SurveyMonkey includes reporting tools that aggregate data for analysis in Excel or SPSS, a statistical analysis software. It is also a secure site, so the city can trust SurveyMonkey with customer/citizen information.Technology:

Tech Use: Employee Surveys – Employee surveys were used to get to the root of an employee morale issue. Employees had issues with procedural fairness, were likely to quit, and had other systemic issues. The scale for measurement was 1 (low) to 7 (high). The mean response in 2014 was 4.83. A consultant was hired to intervene at pain points identified in the survey and created solutions to reverses the negative course of employee opinion. The largest finding was a need for servant leadership, or a greater focus on employees versus the initial focus on politics and top-down leadership.

Innovative Component: The innovation found in this is example is the County Manager seeing a morale issue and taking real action to identify its causes and make a change. Organizational change is incredible difficult to manage and sustain, so the manager’s commitment to this initiative is admirable and shows commitment to his county’s employees.

Community Engagement: Internal community engagement is direct in this case through surveys and direct interventions. External community engagement is indirect in this case, but it is logical to assume that a happier workforce provides better service to its community.


Thomas, Jake. “Clark County, Wash., IT Department and Example of How Officials Hope to Boost Employee Morale.” Last modified February 28, 2017.


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