Wave App,
Send money with love. Wave is an App that enables Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Ugandan communities living in the US, UK, and Canada to send instant money, no fee transfers to East Africa. One can send money just like a text. It is safe and secure.
Wave charges no fees to send money and displays live price comparisons to competitors in the app like MoneyGram, and Western Union.
Our users love Wave…
• “Thanks guys. You are simply the best. MoneyGram and Western Union are out of business! This is the real deal for the common man.”

• “Wave has been a lifesaver! The beautiful thing is the convenience — I can send money in difficult situations and to the most remote areas of Kenya.”

• “I’m glad it’s such a simple process. My family confirmed receipt. I think this is the best service for Kenyans in the US and I will spread the good news all over the States”. Margaret Kamba
• “This is the most useful app on my phone! It allows me to effortlessly touch the lives of those who matter most to me.”





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