Happy Trails – Glenwood Springs, CO

Glenwood Springs, CO is a small city coming in with a population just under 10,000 but with a booming tourist economy with rafting in the summer and skiing in the winter. This small town is right off of interstate I70 and is the gateway to five towns after it including Aspen, CO.

There are two interstate exits and one main road that can lead locals and tourists alike through town and “down valley” to Aspen. Unfortunately, that main road begins as a bridge going over the Colorado river –  and that bridge needs to be replaced.

Beginning August 14, 2017, and lasting approximately 95 days (many bets are being made on how long it will actually take), the main road will be detoured potentially causing up to one hour delays for getting off the interstate and through town. In order to remedy the traffic problems that will no doubt occur, the city of Glenwood Springs is encouraging citizens to walk or bike to work if they can. The city’s “Happy Trails” campaign is a series of five videos released in the five weeks leading up to the detour advising citizens on bike and pedestrian safety as well as local leaders pledging to bike or walk to work. The campaign is accompanied by a survey citizen’s can participate in and a pledge to take their vehicle off the road when possible.

Please keep the citizens of Glenwood and its surrounding towns in your thoughts over those ~95 days… see you on the other side!



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