LimeBike – Bike Sharing App

Starting this summer, Greensboro, North Carolina will have a bike sharing program, courtesy of LimeBike. LimeBike is a new California startup company which recently chose Greensboro to be its first United States market for this bike sharing program. The company’s bikes are parked all around the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s campus (UNCG) and the bikes are slowly making their way to Downtown Greensboro. The company’s CEO Toby Sun, says that LimeBike provides a “more affordable, accessible and available way of transportation to help more people get around in an urban environment.” This bike sharing program connects college students to the inner city of Greensboro and is very simple to use. Moreover, anybody who has a LimeBike app can potentially participate in the program.

To use a LimeBike bike, riders must first download the LimeBike app on their mobile phone. The app will find the closest bike, unlock the bike, keep track of how much time the rider uses the bike and collect payment. For UNCG students and employees, it is 50 cent for every half hour and it is $1 per half hour for everyone else. Since the bikes have their own lock, they can essentially be parked anywhere.  However, Sun has designated areas on the campus of UNCG as hubs for the bike. Additionally, Sun is working with the City of Greensboro to do the same thing downtown. These lime green bikes are starting to become a hot commodity for UNCG as well as the city of Greensboro. The bikes weigh about 40 pounds and have tubeless tires that will rarely go flat. In addition, these bikes have a basket in the front of the bike with a cup holder and by pedaling the bike powers front and rear lights.

For more information about LimeBike, please visit


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