Prime III Voting System

The developers of Prime III bill the technology as “the single most accessible electronic voting system.” Created in 2005 at Clemson University Human Centered Computing Lab, Prime III is a multimodal voting system that allows multiple users to simultaneously cast their vote using touch, voice, or both. The technology came about with efforts to improve upon the two main methods of voting from simpler times: paper with levers and punch cards, and computers and scanners. This is where Prime III gets its name: it is the third generation of America’s voting system. In addition to necessary security features, the system includes a “universal design,” which is to say efforts have been made to make the technology usable for “as many people as possible regardless of age, ability or situation.” Complementary systems have been developed or are currently being developed to both enable telecast voting for deployed military personnel and prevent voter fraud using video verification. To learn more about Prime III visit their website:


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