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OD Help

by Ryan King

This is a type of application “OD Help” I researched that is not quite ready yet, however very interesting and could save lives once it reaches widespread adoption and use. The application is aimed at making Narcan, (generic name Naloxone) to heroin users that are overdosing. It can even be attached to a breathing monitor and alert authorities/assistance when a user is overdosing. They hope to launch it very soon and just received another 40,000 in funding. Hopefully, this app or something like it will save the lives of many and help us deal with the Opioid epidemic. click here to learn more.


Shot Spotter

by Ryan King

Here is an example of an effective community engagement tool that is saving lives. The shot spotter is a microphone type device that can detect and triangulate gunfire. Police can arrive within minutes to the exact location of the gunfire, either to deal with the threat or collect evidence such as shell casings.

The spotter is a truly revolutionary device, and although it is not suited to every single community, many cities including Milwaukee and Chicago. North Carolina towns include Goldsboro and Rocky Mount. click here to learn more.